Tax Tips for Torontonians

Toronto’s tax accountants are gearing up as the duty season deadline (April 30th) creeps up. Since 2013, accountants have had a need to do almost all their tax processing for clients electronically. It is because frequently these tax preparers are submitting many T1’s and T2’s, and doing them late for their clients could bring about […]

Crowdfunding (3)

Crowdfunding Startup Guide

Crowdfunding can be a apply of funding a enterprise or job by boosting cash by a considerable quantity of individuals. The online market place would be the most popular and go-to medium for crowdfunding, wherein several people today and companies have raised large volume of money for ventures starting from social causes and lending firms […]

How To Implement A Winning Marketing Strategy To Your Advantage!

A Marketing strategy is crucial if you want to really succeed in your marketing. Amongst its advantages are: 1. Helping you to focus your marketing attention. 2. Better complete utilization of resources 3. Helps in increasing sales; and 4. A powerful resource of winning over your competitors. Every company applies some kind of marketing strategies […]

Health Care Marketing Series – Marketing Strategy Or Whatever Sticks?

The term marketing strategy is bandied around and sounds so seductive that many clients and their hired marketing agents rarely stop to consider the meaning of the term. Thousands of years ago, Sun Tzu, wrote what is considered the most outstanding book on military strategy ever written, The Art of War. (1) More recently, Gagliardi […]